Green Reaper 5 Litre Concentrate

Green Reaper 5 Litre Concentrate

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Eliminate common insects and pests without the fear of danger to pets and children with professional strength Green Reaper Concentrate. Featuring a unique blend of botanicals such as citronella and eucalyptus, and an effective but safe concentration of Permethrin, Green Reaper adheres to surfaces for months after application to continuously control pest populations.
This water-based insecticide is 100% EPA approved and contains no harmful filler ingredients.

Green Reaper Concentrate Overview & Benefits:​​

• Mimics Naturally Occurring Compounds

• Professional Strength

• Water Based Insecticide with No Harmful Fillers

• Safe around Children & Household Pets

• Proven Efficacy

• Rapid Results

• Indoor & Outdoor Use

• Broad Spectrum

• Fully EPA Approved

• Stays Active for Months

• 100% New Zealand made

• No Handlers License Required to buy


For residual control of: Common Spiders (including white tails), Ants, Fleas, Flies, Carpet Beetles, Cockroaches, Mosquitoes, Silver Fish, Bedbugs, Moths & Borer.


Permethrin 9.8g/L. Also contains Essential Oils of Eucalyptus and Citronella.

How to use:

Green Reaper Concentrate can be applied all year round. Shake bottle well before use. Using a backpack or pump sprayer dilute 1 part concentrate to 5 equal parts water. Spray a light mist to hard surfaces, cracks and crevices in and around buildings to the point of run-off and allow too dry. Spray can be applied to most indoor outdoor surfaces where insects land, crawl or come together. Avoid any contact with treated surfaces until completely dry. Areas exposed to sunlight will need to be treated more often as direct sunlight breaks down applications (completely). Re-apply as and when required.


Where to Use:

Green Reaper insecticide can be applied to most indoor and outdoor surfaces where creepy crawlies land, crawl or come together (e.g. Around windows including sills, on skirting boards, floors, walls, carpets, ceilings, around light fittings, behind stoves, sink’s and pipes. It can also be applied to eaves, barbecue areas, patios, weatherboards, decks, painted areas, and around property perimeter). NOTE - Porous surfaces may need a second treatment once the first treatment has been allowed to dry. Non-staining product to most surfaces. Always test on a discrete area before full use.
NZFSA Approval Certificate Type B Insecticide
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