Spider DIY Pest Control Tips

Before Treatment

• Completely clear all floor areas of any unnecessary items including toys, cables, books etc.

• Carefully vacuum the entire property covering all floor surfaces.  

• Remove bedding from all beds in property and wash.

• Put all foodstuffs, utensils and appliances securely away inside cupboards.

• Also put away all toothbrushes and personal care items.

• Leave spider webs present for the duration of the application and remove 30 days after or unless;

• Any exterior or interior coating or cleaning is planned. If so then spider webs should be removed prior to application.

• Remove all pets from the property on the day of application and don’t allow return until application has completely dried. Cover fish tanks completely and turn off air pumps (until a sufficient airing process has been allowed).

• All persons apart from the applicator need to vacate property for approximately 3-4 hours or until treatment has completely dried.


After Treatment

• Persons returning to the property need to immediately open all windows and doors to allow the property to air sufficiently.

• Never allow children, infants, pets or persons to come into contact with treated surfaces until completely dry.

• Refrain from using any cleaning products or wiping any of the treated surfaces for 90-180 days.


Green Reaper Downloadable Spider Control File

Note - Green Reaper NZ Ltd accepts no liability in respect to the use of the information stated on this form. It is entirely the decision of the person performing the application to decide upon the safest method of pest control for their own circumstances. Nor will we accept any liability for accidents or damages resulting from the improper use or storage of any product