Pindone AgTech Rabbit Pellets 10kg

Pindone AgTech Rabbit Pellets 10kg

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Pindone AgTech Rabbit Pellets

Active Ingredient: 0.25g/kg Pivalyn 

A 1st generation multi feed anti coagulant bait that reduces the danger to domestic pets. If pets do ingest Pindone, Vitamin K is an effective antidote. 

Rabbits like the taste so they’re unlikely to stop feeding before consuming a lethal dose - therefore there should be no bait shyness. 

You don’t need to pre-feed the rabbits with non-toxic bait. 

You don’t need to obtain a license for use within a bait station. 

The bait is dyed green to deter birds and other native wildlife. 

We recommend the NoPests® Multifeeder Bait Station or a similar rabbit bait station. 

A CSL licence is required for aerial or broadcasting.